Your stay in Hyderabad will include empowering teenagers living below the international poverty limit, teaching arts courses, gathering information, and exploring the rich culture of Hyderabad, India. 


What's an Average Day?

Waking up for breakfast and getting to know the team and teens. Meeting with the instructors and reviewing the day's activities. Preparing for class by making sure all materials are present. Leading class for 3 hours. Quick debrief with your team. Enjoying Hyderabad and the rest of the camp!


How long is the program?

30 days--15 days of in-country orientation and activities and 15 days of camp. 


Who can volunteer?

Anyone can volunteer who is over 18 years of age. 


Will I work independently or in groups?

You will work with Indian instructors in running the class, however the overall nature of your work will be independent. 


Who does ChopArt work with to get everything done?

We have fantastic partners in Kaarmic Education Services! They will lead orientations and make sure everything at the camp goes off without a hitch. They're pretty great. 


Where will we stay?

Your accommodations are taken care of. Each team will share an on campus flat. Accommodations are extremely basic so an ability to adjust is crucial.


What do I need to do to prepare for my trip?

After you've been accepted into the program, you'll need to begin fundraising for your plane ticket and apply for your entry visa (30 day visa on arrival). You will be guided through a packing guide as well as orientations on the camp, ChopArt program and Indian culture. 


How much is the overall program cost?

You'll need to plan to spend around $1500 on the following items:


Administrative Fee: $500

Airfare: $900

Visa: $81

Traveler's Insurance: $50




What is covered for me?

Your flat and meals

Local cell phone & Minutes

Local transport

Orientations and 24/7 support

Cultural activities